We strive to provide the healthiest environment possible for your child, his/her classmates, and our teaching staff. We ask that if your child is sick that you keep him/her at home. Your child must be able to participate in all school activities. If your child has restrictions they must be discussed with a teacher prior to attending school. If your child unexpectedly becomes sick while in school, you or another caregiver will be called to take your child home.

Clothing & Personal Items
  • Your child's personal toys are only to be brought to school on show and tell days, which are noted on the school monthly calendar.

  • Your child's name should be on all outerwear, backpacks, and toys brought for show and tell. 

  • We ask that any valuable or breakable items remain at home.

  • For safety, your child must wear shoes with closed toes and heels. Sandals are not allowed.

  • Your child should dress in comfortable play clothes since learning activities can be messy. Your child should be able to fasten buttons or snaps independently; otherwise we request elastic waist pants.

  • Families must provide transportation for their child.

  • Written permission by a parent or guardian must be on file if any other person is to transport your child.

  • Children are to be escorted to the school steps or inside the building at all times.

  • Please be prompt when dropping off or picking up your child.


Parents and guardians are invited to volunteer beginning in September. If you are able to participate, you may come into your child's class to read a book, help with an art project, chaperone a walking trip or even assist by preparing craft material at home.

  • Parents are asked to provide a nutritious snack and drink for their child each day. Parents should note any food allergies on the health form.

  • Families may provide a special snack for their child's birthday and are welcome to come in for snack time. Advance notice is requested. Summer birthdays are celebrated in June.

  • Terry Nursery School is a PEANUT FREE SCHOOL. We thank you for your cooperation in keeping all our children safe.  Here's a great resource for snack ideas.